How to ?


- A pyrex bowl
- 2 pans
- A whisk
- A scale
- An empty jar to put the cream in


This recipe is based on a formulation using 10% vegetable wax and 10% vegetable oil. 

It can easily be adjusted to suit needs and desires.  Make it thicker by adding more wax, richer by adding more base oil.  Possibilities are, if not endless, varied.  This is a very flexible tool to custom design your creams to what suits you best.  

The quantities given in brackets are to make 100 g and 250 g of product to reflect the kits we offer.

Phase 1

- In the pyrex bowl, add the vegetable wax (10 or 25 gr) and the base oil (10 or 25ml).
- Put the bowl over a bain-marie, making sure the base of the bowl does not touch the bottom of the pan
- Bring to a boil and wait until the wax has melted, stirring occasionally with the whisk

Phase 2

Put the essential or floral water in the second pan and bring to a heat.  Remove form the heat  just before the water reaches boiling point.

Pour phase 2 into phase 1 and whisk briskly for a few seconds.  Leave to cool whisking occasionally.

(Add 100 gr floral water to make 100 gr of cream, 220 gr to make 250 gr.  It is important to allow extra due to evaporation.)

Once the cream has cooled down, add the preservative 3 to 4 %. 4 ml for 100 gr of cream, 7.5 to 10ml for 250 gr.

Your cream is now ready and can be transferred into the jar.

Tip: It is important to plan phase 1 and phase 2 so they are ready at the same time. 

Neither of them must be allowed to cool down or be heated too much. 

If Phase 1 is let to cool down, it will solidfy quickly.  The heat of the water won't be sufficient to melt it again and the 2 phases won't blend properly.

If phase 2 is heated too much, it will evaporate very quickly and there won't be sufficient material left.


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