Mafura Butter


Trichilia emetica
Family: Meliaceae

Produce of Africa
Parts used - Nut
Extraction process - cold-pressed

The oil is pressed from the seeds of the mafura tree.  It is solid at room temperature and melts similarly to coconut at 45C.  The aroma is nutty, earthy, for some it is reminiscent of dried pineapple. 

Research has shown that it contains liminoids that are known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Cosmetically, it softens and smoothes the skin and nourishes the hair, giving it shine and restoring softness.  An ideal ingredients for hair balms. Read more to find ideas on how to blend various butters and oils and create nourishing balms. 


  1. Antimicrobial 
    Cuts, wounds
  2. Anti-inflammatory
    It is known by the African people to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a base to help with sprains and rheumatism
  3. It has been found useful as a hair balm, nourishing and restoring shine and lustre
  4. Skin care: Blend with other butter (cocoa, coconut, shea) and add a small amount of a specialist base oil (Rosehip, calendula, argan, rosehip) to create a soft balm or ointment to use topically or as a body or hair treatment.

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