Shea Butter


Buttyrospermum parkii

Produce of Africa
Organic - Soil Association certified
Parts used - Nut
Extraction process - cold-pressed

The butter comes as a softish paste, ideal to create balms and ointments or to use on its own with the addition of a few drops of essential oil.

This shea butter is unrefined and is not has hard as most shea butters found on the market.  


  1. An emollient
    It penetrates the skin easily leaving it soft and supple without the feeling of grease.  Beneficial for very dry, chapped or burnt skin; to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks; as a haire oil to treat devitalised, dry hair and sclap; to soothe rashes, eczema, dermatits.
  2. Anti-inflammatory
    It is known by the African people to have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used as a base to help with sprains and rheymatism
  3. UV protection
    The level of protection can go up to SPF6, although this may vary depending on the origin and quality of the butter.
    It is ideal to use in any sun product recipes.  It is nevertheless not sufficient to offer full UV protection.


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