Produce of China

Organic - Soil Association certified
Parts used - Peel
Extraction process - Expression

Beeswax does not penetrate the skin but forms a protective layer over it. As such it is not recommended to use in 'stay on' moisturising creams.

However it works well in any 'wash off' balms as it thickens the consistency of the mixture and helps spreading it on the skin, dissolving all that needs to be removed.
It is also useful in any ‘barrier creams’ and is especially lipsticks or lip balms as it will remain on the lips for hours, thus offering a thick protective layer against the drying effects of cold and pollution.

As its melting point is 64C, it will work as a stabiliser in an ointment or balm, preserving the consistency of the product all year round, throughout the temperature changes of the seasons.

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