Hand-Made Soaps

Hand made soap

Hand-made on the premises with Materia Aromatica organic vegetable oils & essential oils

Materia Aromatica soaps are hand-crafted using a 'cold-processed' method (based on the traditional recipe of the ‘Castille’ soap, also known as ‘Savon de Marseilles’, which was developed in the south of France in the XIXth Century) where an acid base (fats) is mixed with an alkali base (lye) and left to cure for about 6 weeks. This process does not involve heating the fats at high temperature and, therefore, preserves the inherent therapeutic qualities of the oils.  

Many types of fats can be used to make soap. From animal to vegetable, the range is wide, thus offering endless combinations to suit creativity and style. Each type of fat carries its own characteristics and will react differently in contact with the lye, producing a soap with little or copious lather, quick dissolving or long-lasting.

Materia Aromatica soaps are made using only organic vegetable oils. The proportion of each oil has been carefully chosen to produce a hard and long-lasting bar which will be gentle to the skin.  We produce as we sell so do not keep any stock.  The soaps you receive are from the latest batch and boast a fresh and vibrant aroma.

Our soaps are free from any preservatives, coloring's or animal by-products. They are super-fated with shea butter.  This technique involves adding a percentage of extra oil for the amount of lye required.  It allows for the soap to be milder and softer on the skin.  We add the shea butter at trace (the turning point in the soap making process when the mixture of fats and lye turns into thick custard and is about to solidify). 

The soaps come in 2 sizes, around 100gr and 50 gr bars and currently 4 fragrances. We cannot guarantee the exact weight. The soap contains a certain amount of water that will evaporate over time.  

Our soaps are hand-crafted from single ingredients and to the last touch of packaging and will therefore vary slightly from one bar to the next.