Floral Waters

FLORAL WATERS or Hydrolats are the remaining pure waters of the steam distillation of plant materials. They carry a minute quantity of essential oil, only the water soluble molecules that constitutes a very small part of the make up of an essential oil. Their aroma, although aromatic, is not like its essential counterpart and can be deceptive, very often more herbeceous than the essential oil itself. They are usually clear in colour or slightly tinted. 

ESSENTIAL WATERS are the dispersion of an essential oil through water. It is a relatively recent process. They carry the whole specturm of molecules contained in the essential oil and are a true representation of its aroma. They are more concentrated carrying as much as 0,05% of essential oil and are therefore more fragrant.  They are cloudy and slightly milky in colour.

Our waters are certified organic and do not contain any preservatives and need to be used quickly.  Only purchase what is needed to last a few weeks

Mostly known as excellent toners for the skin, they also have many varied uses:  in the bath in addition to or instead of essential oils;  in a burner to disperse a long lasting aroma or as the base of a spray to add a delightful subtle fragrance to your home.